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Canada Tourist / Visit Visa Services in Hyderabad

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, full of picturesque forests, mountains, and lakes that make it a fantastic place for camping, hiking, or just wandering around and admiring.

Canada is home to several large, modern cities that anyone with a taste for urban life will be able to appreciate.

Over 18 million foreigners visit Canada every year making tourism an over $80 billion-a-year Canadian industry — bigger than lumber, fishing, and farming combined. So why not join in?

Benefits of Visit Visa of Canada

  • Can stay for 6 months

  • Free to travel throughout Canada with a visit visa

  • You can take your children’s and dependents along with you 

Eligibility for a Canada Visit Visa

  • Sufficient funds are required to cover the trip

  • No criminal records and must be in accordance with all Canadian laws

  • Medical records are necessary

  • Valid documents and invitation letters from sponsors.

  • Temporary resident visa (Only in certain Countries)

  • Travel Insurance

Why Choose Us?


NGS Global axis believe keeping the customer happiness and provide suitable services, solutions at the competent price. We also never compromise on quality, expertise and solutions to our customers for quite a decade which made us to stay an excellent track record on our services and support. We consider it our professional responsibility to analyse and review each case very carefully before representing the client, maintaining individuality and client confidence. As a professional firm, we take pride in working together with our customers as a team, taking pro-active steps to make sure that all needs are met.

Well Experienced Staff


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Successful Visa's

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